somewhat continuous
definitely omnivorous

express yourself

Part of a new series I've started about theater rehearsals...of all kinds. This particular one is a youth group (AKA Teen Camp).   Great fun.

saucer over walmart

Pease AF base is just behind. You can see a flying tanker in this shot. However, not sure about that other thing. Hope it's one of ours.

forgotten shovel

beach all to themselves

Can you image a more perfect day?

Brigham & Woman's

View from the waiting room...and not much else.

years ago

It's fascinating how two sets of trees, a thousand miles & several seasons apart can evoke a similar impression.

spring mists overpower the first attempts of new blossoms, but they keep coming

 Getting the focus right is always the challenge with so little depth of field.  Probably because I'm too lazy to pack my tripod . . . or even monopod.


I have to remind myself that to look up . . . in spite of the traffic over the bridge I was on.


Last time I was here, two kids were climbing the marker at the end of the break water.  Not sure they made it but then, I wasn't sure the path to the marker was passable so who am I to talk...

behind the discount stores

So I was in Kittery Maine trying to find something at one of their many discount stores.  Got lost turning around in the back lot of one and suddenly saw this. Scenes regularly present themselves that way but I don't always take advantage of them.



The patterns amongst the pebbles are pretty magical. I'm sure there's some chaos theory to explain them but that's not my job...I just do the pictures.

super sky

last fall's visitor


Never understood what these red balls did, other than be red. Too far apart to be traffic control. Cool though.

soon to return . . . ?

hydrant art

You don't suppose they've left the years of paint show thru on purpose. I'd like to think so.  A bit of art in the lives of the maintenance crew.




2016 ending note

Seemed like an appropriate way to end a year of tension and disappointment. And a falling American reputation around the world.

soft sea