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 NH Furniture Masters' "Big Event" @ Kimball Jenkins College

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New Hampshire Furniture Masters @ Kimball Jenkins College

 This was a collaborative exercise with a member of the NH Furniture Masters. In my case, that was the talented Richard Oedel.

The objective was to meet and talk about our work then create something that conversaton inspired.

Based on that, I created the images below, which are actually three dimensional.

An exhibit of this work will be held in early fall of 2022 along side the NH Furniture Masters annual "Big Event" at Kimball Jenkins College. 

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100 Market Street Gallery - my history

The 100 Market Gallery is a commission-free gallery devoted to expanding the public’s awareness of the high caliber of artists and art that reside and thrive within New England.

Artists are chosen through a juried process by a panel of artists. I was selected both of the years I submitted. In 2019, the theme was "the summer season" and in 2020 it was "the built environment".

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express yourself

Part of a new series I've started about theater rehearsals...of all kinds. This particular one is a youth group (AKA Teen Camp).   Great fun.

saucer over walmart

Pease AF base is just behind. You can see a flying tanker in this shot. However, not sure about that other thing. Hope it's one of ours.

forgotten shovel

beach all to themselves

Can you image a more perfect day?